TAM’s Journey

TAM’s Journey – An Adventure

As we move into an Era of increased awareness of our Emotional wellbeing and the impact on ourselves and society as a whole, it becomes clear that more ways of encouraging children to manage their emotional state in a much more effective and understandable way is needed.

This set of books introduces the Physiological process as part of a Journey of discovery for TAM and his new friend Hetty.

Teaching Children and Young People the ‘how and why’ of emotions can remove stigma and calm some of the worry around reactions, by sharing a learning experience like a story they can develop their understanding of why we as a species respond to stimulus the way we do. This leads a greater self awareness and in turn an opportunity to challenge some of those reactions.

This book is the first in a series and is based upon my successful primary programme ‘The TAM Project’.

“The story of Tam and Hetty clearly gives the reader an understanding of the many responses we have when we are afraid, confused or scared, beautifully written and illustrated and is a joy to read for young people, parents and professionals.

lovely excerpt from the foreward

Book One – Tams Journey – “The Beginning” introduces the reader to the brains functions as part of an adventure where Tam loses himself and then starts to discover new things.

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